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Winding Up

Corporate Recovery Services

A Company may wind-up for the following reasons:
- Company has ceased business activities
- Management deadlock
- Oppression – shareholders dispute under Section 216 of the Singapore Companies Act
- Minimise tax liabilities or maximise tax advantages for the group to which the company belongs
- Breach of statutory provisions, including offences committed
- Company acting outside its scope of activities

Voluntary Winding-up

Members’ Voluntary Liquidation

Two main conditions must be satisfied before a Company can be dissolved by way of Members’ Voluntary Winding Up pursuant to Section 290 of the Singapore Companies Act:
- The Company must be solvent, i.e. it has more assets than liabilities.
- At least 75% of the shareholders consent to this mode of dissolution.

Our services include:
- Acting as the Liquidator and carrying out all the necessary duties from pre-liquidation to final dissolution of the Company.

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation

If a company is insolvent, it can be dissolved by way of Creditors’ Voluntary Winding Up pursuant to Section 290 of the Singapore Companies Act, provided at least 75% of the shareholders consent.

Our services include:
- Acting as the Liquidator and carrying out all the necessary duties from pre-liquidation to final dissolution of the Company

Compulsory Winding Up

Section 253 of the Singapore Companies Act provides that a company may be wound up on the petition of the company itself or any creditor, including a contingent or prospective creditor of the company.

Our services include:
- Acting as the Liquidator and carrying out all the necessary duties from pre-liquidation to final dissolution of the Company

Statutory Audit

Audit & Assurance

Our aim is to go beyond the financial audit to add value to your business, working with you to develop ways to improve your efficiency and profitability through our statutory audit solutions.

Our services include:
- Audit of financial statements
- Review of internal controls
- Recommendations for strengthening financial discipline

Certification Work

Audit & Assurance

We provide certification services in Singapore – independent verification of financial and non-financial data, and certification of certain expenditure to qualify for tax incentives and government grants.

Our services include:
- Review of financial data
- Presentation of information as required by Government bodies

Special Services

Due Diligence

Whether it is an acquisition, merger, floatation or fund-raising exercise, we carry out all procedures necessary to assist clients in arriving at an informed decision. Financial Due Diligence in Singapore provides clients with peace of mind having all the financial, commercial, operational and strategic assumptions analysed and validated.

Due Diligence provides:
- A view of the future by using past trading experience
- Insight into the operations of a business
- An assessment of the risks of a transaction and therefore whether to proceed with the transaction
- An appraisal of the value at which a transaction should be undertaken and identifying the warranties and indemnities that should be obtained from the vendor

Special Services

Internal Audit

More and more people are recognising the need to have a good internal audit function. To service our client’s needs, we provide a comprehensive internal audit of their financial operations. Our internal audit approach is designed to:

- Study the existing controls
- Comment on its adherence
- Make recommendations for improvements

Special Services

Internal Control Set-up

For companies who wish to implement internal controls, we provide systems that allow you to monitor your processes and make improvements where required.

Our services include:
- Documenting the processes
- Analysing the processes
- Breaking the processes into smaller procedures to implement effective internal control procedures.

Special Services

Systems Audit

In the competitive markets of today, clients who understand the high importance of operational efficiency approach us for an audit of their systems.

Our services include:
- A thorough study of the company’s existing processes
- Identification of any redundant or ineffective procedures
- Recommendation of efficient procedures based on industry best practices.

Special Services

Reporting Accountants for IPO

We act as reporting accountants for companies looking to raise capital via Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Our services include:
- Preparing the Accountants’ Report for inclusion in the Prospectus
- Reviewing financial statements, summarised balance sheets and statement of adjustments
- Reviewing the profit projections and cash flow forecasts
- Attending due diligence meetings

Special Services

Expert Witness in Court

In matters of disputes, our partners have experience to appear in Court as an Independent Expert Witness.

Our services include:
- Reports on specific issues covering accounting, finance and related areas

Special Services

Fraud Investigations

We help clients to uncover fraud that may have taken place in their Company. We have the right tools to go into the depths of the transactions and uncover how the fraud has taken place and pin-point the persons involved.

Our services include:
- Analysis and interpretation of financial information
- In-depth study of transactions
- Uncovering of the true nature of the transactions

Special Services

Company Valuations and Share Valuations

Investing in shares of another company is a way of expanding your existing business. However,there are risks involved and you need to have a team of professionals on board to evaluate the company and make sure you have all the facts before making the commitment to invest.

Our services include:
- Evaluation of the business model
- Study of the past performance and forecast the future of the Company to ascertain the actual net worth for a successful buyout

Management Projects

Business Planning

We help you put the business plans in place, monitor on a periodic basis and put your organisation on the right path.

Our services include:
- Preparation of budgets in co-ordination with the operations team
- Monitoring of budgets on a periodic basis to do the gap assessment
- Preparation of forecasts on a periodic basis to build in the current market scenarios

Management Projects

Human Resource & Payroll

We will manage your HR administration and Payroll processes to ensure the smooth running of all personnel matters.

Our services include:
- Handling of the Payroll process
- Preparation of all the required HR documentation
- Maintenance of the Leave Management System
- Personnel Cost Analysis to the Management

We will also be able to help you implement payroll software and train your HR personnel on using the software.

Management Projects

Management Reporting & Decision Making

Information is one of the key inputs for success of any organisation. The right information at the right time is a powerful tool for the successful implementation of business strategies. Our high performance teams can help you develop the foundation for various decision-making processes to ensure you have the information through timely management reports, every time.

Our services include:
- Developing and Implementation of Key Performance Indicators
- Closely work with the management for developing strategies for achievement of the annual budgets
- Monthly reporting of profitability
- Segmentation, Cost & Profitability Analysis
- Developing and implementation of the reports to align with the business objectives and help in decision making

Management Projects

Accounting & Audit

We put in place strong internal control mechanism and develop processes that go hand in hand with the business and will align with the overall business objectives. We provide accounting outsourcing in Singapore through accounting professionals who are well versed with the Accounting Standards applicable to your business and we ensure that these standards are not compromised. We will present the accounts for audit and ensure smooth completion of the same.

Our services include:
- Preparation of accounting records
- Developing and Strengthening of Internal Control Mechanism
- Core Process Structuring and Implementation
- Presentation of accounts for audit and smooth completion of the audit.

Management Projects

Business Structuring

We structure your multi-national business to suit the laws of the land.

Our services include:
- Corporate Structuring within Legal Premise
- Avoidance of Double Taxation
- Maximisation of Wealth

Management Projects

Business Strategy

Our rich experience in various businesses will help manage your business strategy in Singapore effectively, efficiently and most important – profitably.

Our services include:
- Business Development Process
- SWOT Analysis
- Strategic Audit
- Alignment of Organisation Strategy & Business Strategy

Corporate Advisory

Financial Management Support

Financial Management is a critical issue when it comes to the success or failure of your business. Our highly trained financial experts offer valuable advice and strategies to achieve your objectives with the right financial management support, no matter what the size of your company.

Our services include:
- Preparation of management accounts, budgets, costing and cash flow forecasts
- Review of business procedures for control, efficiency and effectiveness
- Development and implementation of strategic plan
- Measurement and management of business risks
- Assessment on organisational performance using both financial and non-financial performance indicators
- Advice on management structures and staffing